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Holiday Menu Package #1
$19.95 per person

One Entree
Two Starch
Bread w/butter
One Dessert

Holiday Menu Package #2
$23.95 per person
Two Entree
Two Starch
Bread w/butter
One Dessert

Entree:                            Starch: Dessert:
Pernil(Roasted Pork)         Arroz con Gandules Flan(Cheese, Vanilla or Coconut)
Turkey   Guineitos en Escabeche Tembleque
Ham  Macaroni Salad
Chicken  Potato Salad
 White Rice & Red Beans 

A la Carte:
Roasted Turkey w/ Gravy - $55.00 (served 10 to 12 ppl)
Roasted PorK Shoulder(pernil) - $55.00 (Served 10 to 12ppl)
Baked Ham - $60.00 (served 12 to 15ppl

Flan(Vanilla, Cheese or Coconut) - $25.00
Tembleque(Coconut custard) - $25.00
Arroz con Dulce - $25.00

Cheese, Fruits & Crackers Tray Platter - $70.00
Vegetables Tray Platter - $65.00

***Also you can Refer to our regular Catering Menu for A La Carte Order***

A minimun order of 10 person per Package

All orders are subject to an 18% Service Charges
Plus 6% VA Sales Taxes
and for all City of Alexandria Address are also subject to another 4% Meal Taxes.

A 50% deposit will be required at time of signing.

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